Stress Incontinence Treatment

There are many people who are inflicted with stress incontinence and as many sufferers as there are, there are also various ways for .  Before we go into that, if you don’t know what stress incontinence is, it’s actually a condition when urine uncontrollably leaks out of the bladder when a person laughs, coughs, or exerts some pressure on the bladder like in bending over.  Sometimes, this can happen to perfectly healthy people and if it happens once or only a handful of times in your life, you can rest easy as you don’t need to seek treatment.

When to Seek Treatment for Stress Incontinence

If it comes to a point that urinary incontinence has become a bother to you where you can no longer live your life normally, you have to consult with your doctor.  If it is indeed stress incontinence that you’re suffering from, your doctor can recommend stress incontinence treatment options.  These treatments can range starting from noninvasive treatments or more aggressive ones can be employed. But before you’re subjected to invasive stress incontinence treatment like surgery, you have to use up all the methods that aren’t expensive and aren’t risky.  The most popular ones are the male incontinence clamp and the VagaCare vaginal weights.

VagaCare Vaginal Weights

Looking at the causes of stress incontinence, you’ll learn that it happens because of a weakened bundle of muscles like the pelvic floor muscles, bladder muscles or the sphincter muscles.  Regardless if you’re facing the regular effects of ageing, you can still combat stress incontinence by means of the stress incontinence treatment called vaginal weights.  If you’ve heard about Kegel exercises or the pelvic floor exercises- these are one and the same and here, you strengthen your pubococcygeus muscles.  The VagaCare vaginal weights work as stress incontinence treatment by giving you an option for making the muscles on your pelvic floor even stronger.

Locating the Pubococcygeus Muscles

Starting with the stress incontinence treatment for women by means of the VagaCare vaginal weights, there is a need for you to know how to do the pelvic floor exercises properly.

When you feel like urinating, this would be the time to locate your pubococcygeus muscles.
As you’re urinating, try to stop urinating midstream.  The muscles that contract are the pubococcygeus muscles.

Another method for finding the muscles would be:

Sit or lie down on the floor.
Contract the muscles in your pelvis as if you’re trying to keep yourself from urinating.
If your buttocks or your stomach muscles are tightened up in the contractions, those are not the right muscles.

Kegel Exercises

Having found the right muscles to contract in your pelvis, you can start exercising.  You only have to squeeze this muscle for three seconds and then release it for another three seconds.  When you do this routine 15 times for three sessions in a day, you’ll start building strength.  However, if you don’t use some type of resistance, the strength in doing the exercises isn’t enough, Use the VagaCare vaginal weights for your stress incontinence treatment.

Male Incontinence Clamp

For those men inflicted with stress incontinence, the stress incontinence treatment is the male incontinence clamp.  It is also referred to as the MIC.  When you look around in the internet for these kinds of devices, you’ll find a variety of brands and models but they pretty much work the same way.  Taking from the name, when you clamp your penis, your urethra will be closed.

You don’t need to worry about issues in line with:

blood flow obstruction

The way this stress incontinence treatment is designed is it’s made of plastic and comfortable foam.  You can buy this device that fit all sizes.  There wouldn’t be extreme pressure placed on your penis because it’s only working to clamp your urethra shut.  You can regain control of your bladder function where you wouldn’t be leaking urine with coughing and doing other physical activities.
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