Stress Incontinence Surgery

We live in an age where many of our problems already have a solution, in fact on specific problem like , we can have many solutions.  If you’ve tried everything from home remedies to medical treatments to alternative medicine and nothing on the noninvasive methods worked, you always have another treatment method to rely on and this is stress incontinence surgery.  For the kind of problem you have, there isn’t only one procedural option.  There are about four and maybe even more ways that you can get your life back from incontinence.

The Importance of Determining the Type of Urinary Incontinence

Incontinence can be divided into a number of categories and although this is a very common problem for people of all ages, the incontinence you’re suffering from might not be the same as the one another person across the world is suffering from.  Just as it is with getting information about treatment options for stress incontinence for instance, you also have to be sure about what type of incontinence you have to see what stress incontinence surgery would be right for you.

If what you’re suffering from is stress incontinence then the stress incontinence surgery would be:

Sling procedure
Inflatable artificial sphincter
Injectable bulking agents
Open retropubic colposuspension.

What Happens with the Different Procedures for Stress Incontinence

If it has been determined that the sling procedure is the right method of treatment for you, this involves the use of either synthetic material or the patient’s own tissue for constructing a sling.  This sling will be used to support the urethra.  In some other procedures, a mesh is used as a sling for easing stress incontinence.  As of today, this surgical stress incontinence surgery is mostly performed in women but the mesh sling has also proven to be effective for stress incontinence treatment in men.

For the inflatable artificial sphincter this surgical procedure is mostly used for men suffering with stress incontinence.  Here, a cuff is placed around the upper part of the urethra and it acts as the sphincter muscles.  With tubes connected to the cuff with a pressure regulating balloon located in the pelvic region, the normal function of the urethra is simulated.  For this device however, this is manually operated using a pump in the scrotum.  If this type of stress incontinence surgery is performed on a woman, the pump is located in the labia.

As for the third stress incontinence surgery option, you can regain control over your bladder through bulking agents.  Collagen is the most commonly used material here and when it’s injected in the tissues around the urethra, specifically the upper portion, you have a way for increasing the pressure you have on the urethra.  With more pressure in that location, the sphincter closes up more efficiently and this prevents urine leakage.  In some way, you can relate to this kind of treatment as noninvasive.  With only the injection penetrating through your skin, it’s one of the best options to go with before signing up for stress incontinence surgery.

Lastly, the open retropubic colposuspension procedure.  This type of surgery is mostly used on women.  What happens here is that sutures are attached to the bone or ligaments for support and lift for the tissues found near the bladder neck as well as the upper part of the urethra.  With greater support, there’s lesser chance for urine leakage or involuntary voiding.

Important Points to Remember:

Before opting for stress incontinence surgery, you have to exhaust the noninvasive treatment methods first. Women use the VagaCare Vaginal Weights.
Consult with your doctor for the proper treatment technique that’s right for you and the type of urinary incontinence that you have.

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