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When you are at a restaurant and you see an older man ooze out confidence while he sits with his wife, girlfriend, friend or business partner, what’s the first thing you think of? Perhaps one question is what makes this man so confident with himself at this age?

As a man grows older, there are changes in his body that need to be taken care of. Some men crumble under these changes while some take it as a challenge and rise above. One such change that occurs with time is incontinence. Incontinence is the inability to control urine. This happens in many men as they age, and men who can combat this will definitely be confident.

For men who want to combat incontinence, Male Incontinence clamps are the answer. As the problem of incontinence becomes more prominent in males, Male Incontinence clamps consequently become more popular as well. In a world where older men have to compete with younger alpha males, Male Incontinence clamps aid them in having a normal lifestyle.
These have replaced pouches and pads that used to be a nuisance for men. These old ways were a hindrance for men who wanted to have a normal lifestyle. Hence, penile clamps, as we know them, came into existence.

Regain Penile Clamps:penile clamps
The first of these popular Male Incontinence clamps is the Regain Clamp. This clamp is a better choice among the Male Incontinence clamps category because it is comfortable and convenient. The material used is also effective. It consists of soft foam in a plastic coating. It is effective as it functions by creating just enough pressure on the penis as it wraps around it to stop incontinence. How it works is that the penis is placed in the clamp. The elastic band of the device is wrapped around the penis while the urethra is pushed by a padding in the device. These have benefited consumers more because of the ability to apply the perfect balance of pressure to stop the flow of urine. These are not revealed under men’s clothes so men don’t have to be conscious about it. These sorts of clamps are hygienic as well because there is an option to replace the device after sometime.  So men can now exercise, walk, play and do other activities without worrying. Talking about the cost of these Regain Clamps, I would say that it is highly economical for the users considering the benefits it carries for men with a mild dribble.

Dribblestop Incontinence Clamps:incontinence clamps
The second most popular Male Incontinence clamps are the Dribblestop Clamps. This is a clamp that provides comfort and efficiency to consumers. The basic unique point of these kinds of Male Incontinence clamps is that they are small, adjustable and convenient. How it works is just amazing. The Dribblestop Clamp is worn on the penis and it works marvels by applying the required pressure on it. It prevents the flow of urine by putting ideal pressure on the urethra. It is a blend of high quality lightweight plastic and foam. The clamp that has to be fixed on the penis is available in different sizes, which ensures that it fits properly. Users say that it is very convenient because it is washable and long lasting. It does not stop blood circulation in the penis, as the user adjusts it himself. This category of Male Incontinence clamps does not make the person feel like he is wearing a diaper. It keeps the masculinity of men intact by giving
them what they want. For men with mild and severe dribble.

bbin体育These two Male Incontinence clamps have taken over the older male population by storm because of their prominent benefits. The fact that both these penile clamps have no metal in them makes it an added benefit. The users do not have to be self conscious and worried anymore. All they need to do is get their hands on one of these and life as they know it will change. So the next time you see an active carefree older man, you might say that he owes this relaxed attitude to an Incontinence Clamp.

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