Kegel Weights

Exercises for the pelvic floor muscles known as Kegel’s is one of the most popular ways for dealing with incontinence and if you top things off using the kegel weights, you’ll have a more effective exercise regimen.  If you have a problem with incontinence and it has been determined that the cause is weakened pelvic floor muscles, there is much you can do with exercises without spending a lot of money and putting yourself at risk.  The exercises, however, get easier as the days pass because there isn’t any kind of resistance.  This is where come in.

Brands and Types of Kegel Weights

Here are two brands you can choose from:

All these have a similar principle with giving your pubococcygeal muscles exercises.  For you to find the best, you have to see how they all work to make the right choice of product to use.  The bottom line is- when you use the right product, you’ll get over urinary incontinence much faster, regardless if it’s stress incontinence, urge incontinence or any other type of incontinence.

Aquaflex Products

When you have poor pelvic floor function that leads to incontinence, you can put a little bit of challenge into your Kegel exercises with Aquaflex kegel weights.  This device can be used in a number of physical conditions as well as levels of muscle toning starting out, it will be a good product to choose.  You have a cone system to work with here that comes in two sizes.  You also have a number of .

VagaCare Products

If you’re just starting with your Kegel exercises, you can know exactly where the muscles you need to strengthen with their devices.  You first have to make use of the vaginal cone from VagaCare.  Having determined the right muscles, you can start your workouts for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.  When you gain a little strength, you can continue improving your strength using the VagaCare kegel weights.  The best thing about VagaCare is you can do your exercises anytime anywhere.

Choosing the Right Kegel Weights

Given a number of choices for these devices, you might be confused as to what it is you have to get.  Besides the price, you also have to think about the effectiveness of the device.  When both of the above mentioned brands provide for the necessary resistance for building strength, does it really work well from the feature of being available and price?

VagaCare is the top choice because it’s designed to work efficiently in every aspect of the treatment.  It’s designed to fit right in the spot where you’re supposed to do your exercises and you wouldn't have to fear about getting the kegel weights too far in the vaginal canal.  With the cone shaped device, it’s also easier for you to insert the device for doing your exercises.  VagaCare also provides the most weight than any other product on the market today.

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