Kegel Exercises For Women

We can have a number of problems with our health and there are also problems where women are more at risk.  Two of these problems are urinary incontinence and pelvic prolapse, but you can do something to avoid these problems like doing .  If you don’t know what urinary incontinence is, it’s actually the condition where the sphincter muscles of other muscles in the urinary system become too weak.  This causes urine leakage when you laugh, lift something heavy etc.

As for pelvic prolapse, if your pelvic floor muscles are too weak because you don’t do kegel exercises, the organs on the pelvic floor will easily be sticking out of the vagina. Both conditions sound pretty awful and if you don’t want any of this to happen to you, you can start taking better care of yourself by eating right and exercising.  One of the exercises you need to add to your routine are kegel exercises for women.

What are Kegel Exercises?

Kegel exercises for women were created by Dr. Arnold Kegel.  these exercises are where you contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles, you’ll keep those muscles supporting your bladder and other organs strong.

Finding the Pubococcygeus Muscles

With other exercise routines like lifting weights and cycling, you know exactly which muscles you’re working out.  With the pelvic floor muscles or the pubococcygeus muscles, you can’t see where these muscles are exactly. Long before you start doing kegel exercises for women, you have to know where the right muscles for the routine area is.

The easiest technique for doing that is when you’re in the process of urination. Try to stop your urination midstream. You feel a contraction inside of you. The muscles that contract there are your pubococcygeus muscles, the muscles are the ones you work out when doing your kegel exercises.

Doing the Kegel

Kegel exercises for women have two main kinds.

Type II Kegel exercises
Type I Kegel exercises

If you’re new to Kegels, it’s best to start with type II first.  In other terms, these kegel exercises for women are referred to as long Kegels.  You do this by contracting your pelvic floor muscles for a few seconds, 10 seconds is good enough and then relaxing the muscles for another 10 seconds.  When you have the strength, you can do more of these in a day.  The more repetitions, the better.

If you want to try the type I, it’s going to be the opposite of the long Kegels.  Here, you have to squeeze your pubococcygeus muscles for one second and release it for two seconds.  One set of five contractions and releases.  When you’re done doing one set, make sure you rest for10 seconds before doing another set.  If you’ve had your fill of short Kegels for the moment, you can stop.  But be sure to do them again midday and in the evening.

Taking Kegel Exercises to Another Level

mentioned above are simple Kegels.  If you have enough strength for your pelvic floor muscles but would still like to work them out, you can up the challenge by making use of Kegel aids.

Kegel aids come in the form of devices which you can insert into the vaginal canal.  Your exercises will be more challenging when you have a bit of resistance when you contract your pelvic floor muscles.

Getting a Good Kegel-Ability

With enough repetitions of kegels, you’ll build stronger pubococcygeal muscles.  It’s going to be a bigger benefit when you do these exercises regularly in your day.  The stronger you get, the more Kegel ability you have.  You have to measure your progress so you know when to take it to another level.  You can do the exercises for more repetitions or as was mentioned above, you can get Kegel aids like VagaCare vaginal weights.  To know your progress with kegel exercises for women, make a note of how many you do the first time.


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