Kegel Exercises For Men

Kegel exercises for men are highly recommended by many sex therapists as it has proven to yield great results in the romance department. Since the kegel exercise was originally created to help women on incontinence problem and as a preparation for childbirth, many men have the misconception that the kegel exercise should only be practiced by females. Without realizing it they are missing out on a lot of benefits, especially on the bed department.

The Benefits of Kegel Exercises For Men for Sex
Who needs Viagra when you are able to have a better love making session just by doing a simple exercise? Let’s explore the many sex benefits of performing :
Better control of ejaculation
Ability to last longer in the bed room
Ability to be have a firmer penis while lovemaking
Better sex performance
Ability to control the flow of semen
Stronger ejaculation shooting power
Improved erections
Ability to control orgasms like lasting longer

The Most Important Muscle for Men
Now that you know the many benefits when it comes to sex, the next question you may be thinking is how a simple exercise gives you that much benefit on the romance department? It’s all because of the strengthening of your PC muscles which is a part of your pelvic floor muscles. Others refer it as the kegel muscles but the real name is pubococcygeus muscles.
This wonder muscle controls the flow of your semen as well as the firmness of your male organ when it is erected. It also holds control over your ejaculation’s shooting power. When you add all of these, you get better sex performance making the PC muscle as the most important muscle for many men. And because of the strengthening ability of PC muscle found in the , it is becoming more and more popular exercise routine for men.

Locating the PC Muscles for Men
The PC muscle is located on your pelvic floor. To be more exact, it is the muscle that runs starting for your pubic bone going to your coccyx. If you’re not that familiar with the scientific names and the anatomy of the male genitals specifically the muscles, then you can find your PC muscle the easy way. All you have to do is to prevent the continuous flow or slow down the urine’s flow while peeing and pay attention to the muscle used to do so. That muscle is your PC muscle- the one you need to strengthen.

Another method to locate your kegel muscle is to place a finger inside the anus. If you are able to contract the kegel muscle correctly, you will feel your anus tighten around the finger you inserted. By properly identifying your PC or kegel muscle, you will become more conscious on how much voluntary control over the muscle you have. Locating the PC muscle is also the first step in doing kegel exercises for men.

The Rest of the Step
Once you have located your PC muscle, the next step in kegel exercises for men is to hold the squeezing action or the contraction of the muscle for a couple of seconds. For beginners, you can squeeze the muscle for 3 seconds and then slowly release it to relax after the squeezing action. As you get better control over your PC muscle, you can increase the seconds for squeezing over time.

Do the squeezing and relaxation action of the PC muscles by repeatedly for three times and repeat it ten times a day. You can also practice the kegel exercises for men while masturbating, as this will give you the opportunity to observe the kegel muscle with an erected penis. Once you are able to explore the connection of your PC muscle to orgasm, you can now move on to practice it with your partner during sex. Remember to move to the next level slowly so will not suffer muscle straining because of too much stress.


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