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Treatment methods abound when you or someone you care about is suffering from urinary incontinence. And one of the most popular treatments is using kegel exercisers.  Before you start looking online for products like VagaCare, Kegelcisor, Natural Vaginal Exerciser and the like, you have to understand what happens with urinary incontinence first. 

For minor cases and mild cases of incontinence, the most common culprit is the pelvic floor muscles.  These muscles work with giving support for the bladder and other urinary system organs. When these muscles malfunction, like when they get weakened, incontinence occurs.  Kegel exercisers that help strengthen these muscles would be one way to treat incontinence.

Treatment for urinary incontinence can be:


You know very well that before you resort to extreme measures with incontinence, the less aggressive techniques have to be tried.  Mostly, there is only one kind of aggressive treatment for incontinence and that’s surgery.  Instead of spending a lot for stopping urinary incontinence, you can make use of kegel exercisers first.  Many of these products come in reasonable prices which you can use together with bladder training and medication.  With kegel exercisers, you have a better option for regaining bladder control.

The Most Popular Kegel exercisers

Kegelcisor.  In many circles, this product does well with helping you regain control over your bladder.  If you have problems with weakened pelvic floor muscles, this is one of the choices that you can make.  You have to remember though that you have to look at resistance.  These kegel exercisers go on weighted resistance.  It can do well with strengthening your pelvic floor muscles but it can also scratch you along the way.

Natural Vaginal Exerciser.  Maybe because it’s got natural in its name, this is also one of the popular kegel exercisers for getting rid of incontinence.  This device is made out of wood- maple wood to be exact.  It’s a good material for kegel exercisers because it’s aesthetically appealing, it’s warm, and it’s durable.  This wood is naturally bacteria free and when you’re going to be inserting something in your vaginal canal, you want it to be resistant to bacteria.  You wouldn’t want to be dealing with urinary tract infection together with your incontinence would you?  Aside from being hypoallergenic, it gives your pubococcygeal muscles a good workout.

Pelvexiser.  This is another one of the kegel exercisers that are sold widely in the market today. Looking at the resistance type that this device has, it works on air.  As impossible as that may seem, you’ll get a good workout for your pelvic floor muscles using this.  Whenever you get the strength in your pubococcygeal muscles, you can adjust the resistance as necessary for the best results.

Super Kegel Exeriser.  This device is something a little bit different from all the other kegel exercisers.  For one, you don’t have to insert this into your vaginal canal for working your pelvic muscles out.  That’s why this product can also be used by men.  All you have to do is put it between your thighs right under the buttocks and go ahead with exercising.  These kegel exercisers also work with alleviating any back pain that you might be suffering from. This is besides taking care on what you have to improve on, specifically the control you have over your bladder.  It also tones the muscles of the thighs up which means a better hold on weight too.

VagaCare Vaginal Weights.  Rehabilitating your pelvic floor, regardless of how it got weakened is the job of these types of kegel exercisers.  Standing up or lying down, you can easily do Kegel exercises.  The thing is- if the exercises are too easy, you wouldn’t be developing strength for your pelvic floor muscles.  This is where VagaCare comes in with providing you with the resistance you need.  No matter how strong your pubococcygeal muscles get, you can set how heavy the weight your muscles are going to hold. Among all the products in the market, this product is considered and proven to be the best by many experts .

There are many in the market for treating incontinence, you can choose from any one without spending so much and putting yourself at risk.

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