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Kegel exercises are equally for men and women. This could be the answer for issues with urinary incontinence as well as having a satisfied sex life. This is because pelvic floor exercises improve sex stimulation which is a contributory factor in making married life more successful and happier.
How do the exercises work on this aspect? Kegels intensifies the blood flow in the uro-genital part of the body which makes intercourse more satisfying. To make the discussion more detailed, see the list of benefits below:

Benefits on Sexual Activity for Men

The erection of the penis is sturdier and stronger which results to more sexual contentment.
Men can regulate the movement of semen which leads to stronger orgasms.
Premature ejaculation is annoying to both men and women: pelvic exercises help prevent it. 

Benefits on Sexual Activity for Women

Muscles of the vagina becomes tighter making it more satisfying during love making.
Achieve orgasms easily and frequently during sexual activity.

From the discussions on orgasms, let us not limit our attention to the sexual benefits.  Initially, the exercise was intended to help with incontinence for women.  Nevertheless, pelvic exercises also cover advantages before and after giving birth.  To discuss further;

Pregnancy and Kegels

Pregnancy is one of the most spectacular experiences a woman can encounter in her life.  However, pregnancy is also one of the most challenging events a woman may go through as she faces changes in her physical body especially in the internal organs such as her urinary system.  Frequent urination and the free releasing of urine when she coughs, sneezes or even when she laughs are just a few of the challenges she goes through during her nine month pregnancy. Following pregnancy is the possibility of incontinence problems after child birth.   And this is where the exercises come in.

What are kegel benefits for Pregnant Women?

There are numerous advantages when doing pelvic exercises habitually, in pregnancy, during birth and in everyday life after you are done with your productive years. Here are some of them:

Toning the pelvic muscles during pregnancy.
Aids to toughen pelvic muscles in preparation for giving birth.
Natural pain reliever during labour. 
It's easier for the perineum muscles to adjust from the shock during birth.
According to recent studies, pelvic exercises even shorten the labour period.
Another new discovery states that pelvic exercises now includes the reduction of second stage.

Another concern is the physically painful haemorrhoid.  This is a common sickness of women after birth.  However, it is also common to men and women who frequently experience constipation. A haemorrhoid is a disorder where a grape shaped excess dermis comes out of the anus.  The benefit of pelvic floor exercises keep the muscles healthy and lessen the chances of getting haemorrhoids.

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Men and Women In Terms of Incontinence

Incontinence is the outflow of urine from the bladder. It can be experienced by anyone at every age, but it commonly happens to women and the elderly. The belief that incontinence disturbs only the aging members of our society is entirely out of date.  In reality, it had been found out that you can be inflicted with incontinence at any age. Because of this, doing kegels is highly recommended to reap there benefits.
For some of us, the problem is remembering to do the exercises even if we can practically do it anywhere and anytime. A helpful recommendation is to mix them with particular other exercises. This will help you recall doing them. For example, do kegels when you are stressed like when you are waiting in traffic. Or when you are controlling your emotion not to get angry, you can count one to ten while doing your . Finally, schedule a time for kegels to reap benefits.

male incontinence incontinence in men

Kegel Benefits For Men

Incontinence can be treated effectively through exercises and there are also benefits for men. Mainly, to support the organs for the urinary system weakens.kegels for men read more

Kegel Benefits For Women

are great exercises to do because the benefits for women are numerous. Before you have the willpower to do the simple routine, you might like to learn about the benefits.kegels for women read more

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